Applying for Goldsmiths’ Fair


Applicants will be notified of the result of their application by the end of March.

Dates of Goldsmiths’ Fair 2024

Week One: 24-29 September | Week Two: 1-6 October

Application Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria for their application to be considered:

• Not in full time education at time of application
• Is a UK resident, spending 183 days or more in the UK in the tax year
• Employing 6 people or fewer at the bench
• Able to be always on their stand during the Fair
• Applying with work that has been designed and made in the UK.
• Applying with work where each piece includes precious metal(s)
• Intending to exhibit goods that are compliant with the UK Hallmarking Act of 1973
• Representing themselves and not solely acting as an agent for others
• Is in agreement with all the Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations

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Emerging Business Bursary Scheme

To encourage and support the next generation of jewellers and silversmiths, there are 10 free stands on offer each year at Goldsmiths’ Fair through the Emerging Business Bursary Scheme. There is no age restriction.

Winners of the bursary receive:

• a free stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair
• a £1,500 grant to help prepare towards the Fair
• an optional interest-free silver bullion loan of up to £3,000
• professional training with the Goldsmiths’ Centre

To be eligible you must:

• meet all the standard eligibility requirements (listed above)
• have started your jewellery/silver business in the last six years; and
• have not exhibited at Goldsmiths’ Fair before

What to expect on the application form:

• As part of the Fair application process, you will be asked to complete the Goldsmiths’ Fair Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Survey because we want to learn more about the applicants we are attracting and recruiting to the Fair. Completion of the survey is mandatory and you will be redirected to it once you have completed your application form. Your Fair application will not be valid if you do not complete it. Please enter the application form for further information.

• You will need to submit five professional-standard photographs of single pieces, on plain backgrounds (any colour) which best represent your collection. We advise that these pieces have not previously been used for application to Goldsmiths’ Fair.

• Images submitted must be photographs of finished pieces and not digital renderings or drawings.

• If you have never exhibited at the Fair or not exhibited at the Fair in the last 3 years (i.e. exhibited in 2021, but not since), you must submit one of the pieces from your photographs for the panel to view. We encourage you to submit a major rather than minor piece from your collection.

• You will need to include details of specialist trades used (E.g. casting/polishing/ engraving).

• You will need to answer questions about education and business in precious metals.

• You will need to provide an artist’s statement.

What the panel will be looking for:

• An authentic body of work with an original voice

• Inclusion of hand-making skills

• Excellent technical and finishing skills

• A cohesive body of work

• Professional images, not renders or CAD designs

• Commitment, professionalism, and ambition

Our Fair Selection Panel 2024

Charlotte Dew, Head of Public Programmes, The Goldsmiths’ Centre

Rajesh Gogna, Silversmith and Researcher

Joanna Hardy, Independent Fine Jewellery Specialist

Alan Hughes, Illustrator and Principal of Inchbald School of Design

Christina Jansen, Managing Director, The Scottish Gallery

Liz Olver, Jewellery Consultant

Daniella Wells, Craft Consultant

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