Susi Hines

About Susi Hines

Susi closely observes transience and evolution in nature which leads her to focus on pattern, erosion and movement in her work.

In her Folium Collection Susi creates her own alloys from recycled gold allowing minute shifts in colour from which she is able to ‘paint’ from the gold palette.

Contrasting and patinated surfaces in the Mordicum Collection are composed of etched metals with striking and unusual gemstones.

The Mutabilis Collection of rings can be taken apart and reassembled with different elements to make a new piece.

Susi sources ethical and sustainable metals and gemstones throughout these collections. She actively welcomes commissions.

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Susi did a BA, an apprenticeship with a crown jewellers in Mayfair, followed by an MA in jewellery. Combined with her college teaching, this has given her a broad range of both traditional and experimental skills.

Her current collections incorporate fine jewellery techniques like collet making, fine fitting and catches to the more experimental techniques of etching and smelting new alloys. Ideas often develop through drawing, reference to her large accumulation of bench notes and models before starting the final piece. Much of her work has moving parts. She relishes commissions as a chance to extend knowledge and to continually try new processes.

Information on commissions

All Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors welcome commissions. Don’t hesitate to contact this maker and start a conversation about commissioning a piece, unique to you. Examples of commissioning include transforming or combining old jewellery into new pieces, incorporating stones into new settings, or simply working together to create a bespoke piece in the style of this maker.

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