Goldsmiths’ Fair 2021 launches

Following a year where for many, a lot of time has been spent indoors, as we move through the pandemic, many of us have missed an excuse to don our finest attire or body adornments. This year, as the doors of Goldsmiths’ Hall open, we are delighted to welcome back jewellery lovers to a physical rendition of the Fair, offering the perfect excuse to pick out exclusive and bespoke pieces of work, that as we begin to return to normal life, may be harder to stop wearing than they were before.

Featuring brand new work, by over 130 of the UK’s most talented fine jewellers and contemporary silversmiths, this year’s event offers us the chance to revel among many other jewellery enthusiasts, while meeting with our favourite craftspeople and marvelling at their unrivalled skill.

Experience the new Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibition on rings from the Company Collection, which will focus on the history of this powerful, wearable piece of art, which has held a strong symbolic value for men and women throughout time. Including the work of ‘ring queens’ Dorothy Hogg, Wendy Ramshaw and Gerda Flockinger, this exhibition will take us from the 1960s right the way through to the present day, displaying ground-breaking pieces by unparalleled contemporary designer-makers such as Emefa Cole and Mark Nuell, all theatrically placed within the Hall’s magnificent surroundings.

The parallels between the intricate details of the Hall’s interior and the ornamental beauty of the work on display at this year’s Fair will also be captured eloquently in our new 2021 film, as scale and form is playfully altered. The fleeting glance of a glistening piece of jewellery; the hand of the maker and architect at work; the delicate engineering of a master crafted ring; all remind us that with every new moment within the building more time is spent constantly discovering something new and rediscovering that which moves us. It is with this spirit that we welcome you once again to Goldsmiths’ Fair.