A tour of Miriam Hanid’s Studio

Silversmith, Miriam Hanid gives us a behind the scenes tour of her studio, interviewed by Isabelle Fish of Rue Pigalle.

Miriam designs and makes sculptural silver, inspired by movement and the natural world, especially water. Using her signature chasing and engraving techniques she creates organic, tactile shapes from complex, detailed smaller vessels to bold centrepieces.

Isabelle Fish was born and raised in France, Isabelle studied law and practiced in several countries before moving to Toronto and founding her eponymous boutique, which operated in Toronto’s cultural hubs of Queen West and Yorkville. A crafts and travel insider and the founder of Rue Pigalle, she curates and leads women-only trips for intimate groups of art, crafts and culture lovers who wish to expand their worldview, network and knowledge in a purposeful yet fun way.