Emefa Cole (b. 1979)



Oxidised silver, gold leaf

The ‘Caldera’ ring, from Cole’s Vulcan series, is inspired by the void created by a volcanic eruption. Luxurious, considered, heavy on the hand, it exploits the contrast between the rugged gold interior of the bezel and the flawless oxidized silver surface of the band. It is a statement piece and a delight to wear.

Emefa Cole is a bold and experimental jeweller who uses the age-old technique of lost wax casting to realise her compelling sculptural designs. Cole’s distinctive and highly accomplished work exemplifies her interest in landscape and geological processes, erosion and the passing of time, combined with the memories and indelible impressions left by her childhood in Ghana. Her dedication to researching and learning her craft gives her jewels a striking integrity; she has studied the traditional goldsmithing techniques of the Ashanti kingdom with the royal goldsmith to the Asantehene.

For an interview with Emefa in her workshop see here.
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