Ane Christensen (born 1972)

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‘Negative’ bowl


Spun, polished and hand-pierced from a single sheet of sterling silver. Diameter 25.2 cm. Marked: Ane Christensen, London.

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Ane Christensen is an artist of abstraction in metal. Her ‘Negative’ bowl from 2005 is part of an early Negative Series exploring illusion and structure which resonates with her recent pieces in mixed metals shown with The Five at Collect in 2022. She notes of her work: “There is a continuous thread through my making…I’ll never finish with metal”.

Here she starts with the simple form of a bowl, spun in silver sheet. The “negative” pattern after which the series is named is drawn onto the silver inside the bowl, then hand-pierced using a deep frame piercing saw with very fine sawblades, which is fed through pre-drilled holes. The edges of the openwork design are then filed smooth by hand. Shadows cast by the piece define the finished form as much as the silver structure. “I continue to draw inspiration for my work from the urban landscape. Especially from building sites, ‘negative spaces’ between buildings and architectural decay.”


Ane Christensen talks about her recent work for the silversmithing collective The Five for the Collect art fair 2022 here.