Adi Toch (born 1979)

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‘Pinch of Salt’ and ‘Pinch of Pepper’ bowls

2010 and 2017

Hemispherical in shape, made from two sheets of Britannia silver, hand-raised and soldered together to form a double-skinned vessel, the top funnels inside to form a small oval container with broad concave rim. 'Pinch of Salt' is gold plated, 'Pinch of Pepper' is patinated. Salt: height 6.3 cm; pepper: height 6.6 cm. Marked: Adi Toch, London.

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The ‘Pinch of Salt’ bowl was commissioned first in 2010. Adi Toch notes: “When I made the salt I was thinking about salt being historically a precious commodity. The bowls are designed to ensure that only one pinch at a time can be accessible through the opening and the contents won’t spill out of the bowl if it’s tipped over.” The ‘Pinch of Pepper’ bowl was designed to complement the salt as a commission for the Goldsmiths’ Company touring exhibition of contemporary dining silver, Made for the Table.

As a pair, they have great sculptural presence. “The practice of making vessels and containers fascinates me as it enables me to work both with metal and space as materials, redefining borders between inside and outside. Through my work I explore the morphological qualities of vessels and the process of embedding functional objects with spirit.” 


A recently-made gold piece, ‘Place to Place‘, which Adi Toch made for the Gilbert Collection, is designed as a conversation piece about making. Its form, as a funnel, has a very special story to communicate about cultural openness and acceptance.

Read more about the Place to Place commission in Goldsmiths’ Review 2022 here.

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