Rachel Garrahan Selects

Rachel Garrahan Selects

With an eye for the most exciting and cutting-edge jewellery trends, Rachel is always first in line to the profile the hottest designer-makers.

Rachel Garrahan, Jewellery and Watch Director for British Vogue is this year’s first selector for Goldsmiths’ Fair 2021.

Alongside Vogue, she can name many titles amongst her impressive repertoire, including the International New York Times, Financial Times, Vanity Fair and Conde Nast Traveller.

See her selection of Goldsmiths’ Fair makers below.

Superb Agate by Sian Evans

Sian Evans has long been concerned with the thorny issue of jewellery ethics from responsible sourcing to using recycled gold, even cutting her carbon footprint by concentrating all production in her London studio.  Her latest collection, Tanis, goes beyond the studio but keeps things local to the UK. She reveals the beauty in native hardstones – found on beaches or river beds rather than mined – and puts the art of stone carving which she learned from the legendary Charlotte de Syllas to good use. Drawing on her research of ancient jewellery at the British Museum, materials like Dorset agate and Scottish red jasper are set with elegant simplicity in rings that are destined to become timeless treasures. Most importantly they reveal the natural beauty that is all around us.

Engraved Medallion by Castro Smith

With androgynous, understated and undeniably cool appeal, Castro Smith‘s intricately hand-engraved, narrative-filled signet rings have become a cult buy not just in the UK but around the world. His new medallions carry the same quiet strength as the rings, from flowering hearts to depictions of nature and myth, they possess a mysticism that is bound to attract a whole new necklace-wearing wave of devotees.

“Lempicka” ring by Elsa Tierney

I love the face-themed jewellery that’s been popular in recent years but I especially love Elsa Tierney‘s rings, which have been inspired by masters of 20th century art. There’s the bold sensuality of her Lempicka ring inspired by Art Deco Polish artist Tamara De Lempicka, the soft sweep of her Brancusi, and the austere monumentality of the Moore ring. My favourite though is the Dream, inspired by Picasso’s famous 1932 portrait of his then lover Marie-Thérèse Walter, its simplified outlines realised in soft contours of metal, and contrasting satin and high polished finishes. The perfect gift for the art lover in your life, her rings start at just £280 for a sterling silver version.

“Wedge” ring by Jenny House

The playfulness of Jenny House‘s Origin 31 jewellery is hard to resist. After 18 months of turmoil, isolation and uncertainty we all need a little colour and joy in our lives. I love her pieces inspired by the candy rock of childhood beach holidays and the bespoke pendants of your child’s favourite painting recreated in miniature by Jenny in hand painted enamel. My favourite though has to be the Wedge ring inspired by the game Trivial Pursuit. Bright with a rainbow of responsibly sourced gemstones and set in recycled gold, it is the perfect conversation starter and if we ever do go back into lockdown, it’s guaranteed to cheer you up if you’re ever feeling lonely.

Luminous Diamond Cluster Drops with Green Sapphires by Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson celebrates an impressive 20 years in business this year and a visit to her all-female Hatton Garden studio is always a thrill. Inspired by the natural world and ancient treasures, the beauty of her work is in its perfect imperfection and its mastery of colour in her combination of gemstones. I love these new green sapphire and diamond earrings which combine mixed cuts and her signature gold granules to quietly dramatic effect.