Precious Materials curated by Roxanne Simone

Roxanne Simone, Guest Curator

The first of its kind, this exhibition is a discovery of the future of jewellery and metal objects where borders and identities are fluidly explored, featuring works that tell stories, cast spells, and are rich cultural narratives initiating activism, mythology, rebirth, and digital existences.

The title, Precious Materials, encourages us to review how we classify, homogenise and value people, crafts, and materials. The jewellery and objects featured take their focus to and from the body, physically, metaphorically, and ephemerally; created by storytellers giving much-needed dialogues in the field, crossing the lines of contemporary, fine, education and fashion spaces.

Precious Materials Features:

Cairo Centre for Contemporary Jewellery

CCCJ is a creative Jewellery Art School whose mission is to revolutionise Egypt’s jewellery education by developing local minds’ artistic and fabrication skills, and enabling them to reach out to the community, granting them the opportunity of international exposure and placing Egypt on the global map of contemporary Jewellery. “Having spent a month working with CCCJ on a cross cultural educational trip, I have learnt a great deal about the possibilities of cultural exchanges and the enrichment of the field, irrespective of the geographical location and culture. Skills travel, and as we shed the colonial practice of taking skills from southern lands and their people, we must look forward to sharing skills, traditions, and processes. In addition, we can work in new ways to recognise people and cultures with a rich jewellery legacy, in this case, Ancient Egypt.” RS

GT Blacksmiths

Trained in Sheffield, we work in all areas of metal and forge work, following a history of working in decorative and industrial regions of blacksmithing. Our approach couples product design with hand forging, using these traditional and contemporary disciplines to provide the best quality work possible. “GT Blacksmiths are young Blacksmiths creating marvellous works and offering unique educational training opportunities. In the heart of the incredible legacy of Blacksmithing, these metalworkers are redefining what contemporary Blacksmithing is.” RS

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Crucible presents jewellers Kassandra Lauren Gordon, Ayesha Sureya and Siobhan Wallace in a discussion on how materials other than gold and silver shape their practices and why they explore other metals and media to engage the cultural, economic, and sustainable narratives that intersect young makers today.

This is the first major event Crucible has hosted in London.

Moderated by Crucible.

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