Jacqueline Cullen

About Jacqueline Cullen

Imagine a placid sky ripped open by a slash of lightning. A volcano erupting. A cliff edge left jagged from erosion. Take an intergalactic flight through colliding asteroids, comets tails and neon dust.

Jacqueline Cullen conjures a realm where the forces of nature unleash a luxurious cascade of bubbling gold, and glittering diamonds burst forth with a darkly seductive and elemental energy.

A world of exuberantly dramatic, rebellious jewellery with a classic but edgy glamour hand made in the UK from Whitby jet and hard-stone as seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar amongst others

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Meet Jacqueline Cullen

Whitby jet is a 180 million year old fossilised wood from the North East of the UK. Made popular by Queen Victoria, it is now rare and Jacqueline’s supplier abseils/rappels down the cliffs to source the raw material. Jacqueline uses lapidary (stone cutting) machinery and the jet is sliced and ground into shape on water cooled saws and grinders. Jacqueline then hand carves fissures and crevices into the jet and embeds hundreds of tiny glittering black diamonds into the surface. Finished with hand-made fittings fabricated from recycled gold, each Whitby jet piece is made with love and honesty.

Information on commissions

All Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors welcome commissions. Don’t hesitate to contact this maker and start a conversation about commissioning a piece, unique to you. Examples of commissioning include transforming or combining old jewellery into new pieces, incorporating stones into new settings, or simply working together to create a bespoke piece in the style of this maker.

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