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About Genevieve Schwartz

Genevieve Schwartz is a multi award-winning jewellery designer and maker based at The Goldsmiths’ Centre. Her formal career in jewellery began through extensive training as a silversmith and jewellery designer in Hatton Garden, but her interest in creating wearable objects has existed since she was a child.

After five years working as a designer for a well-known British brand, Genevieve started her own brand, designing and making collection pieces which are bold, bright and celebrate her interest in dynamic colour relationships. She is best known for her Watermelon Sugar collection, which explores this theme through the use of naturally occurring bicolour tourmalines.

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Genevieve Schwartz, Shine 2022 at The Goldsmiths’ Centre

Genevieve’s newest collection utilises hidden engravings under gemstones; secret talismans connecting the owner to their jewellery. Hidden meanings have fascinated Genevieve since discovering them in paintings she studied during her Art History degree.

She loves finding ways to incorporate the wearer’s own personality and stories into her fine jewellery. This aim means working closely with both her customers and the expert craftspeople she collaborates with to create her pieces. She hand selects all her gemstones for their unique colour characteristics and playfully incorporates these into designs inspired by the clean lines and repeated forms of the Art Deco movement.

Information on commissions

All Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors welcome commissions. Don’t hesitate to contact this maker and start a conversation about commissioning a piece, unique to you. Examples of commissioning include transforming or combining old jewellery into new pieces, incorporating stones into new settings, or simply working together to create a bespoke piece in the style of this maker.

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