Colette Bishop

About Colette Bishop

Colette’s most recent body of work combines her signature explorations in pattern with a new-found interest in colour. This fresh direction has seen her apply newly acquired plating techniques to her considerable skill in chasing.

Colette focuses primarily on surface decoration and how this changes our perception of an object as a whole. Often a pattern will change the silhouette of the piece and the texture of the materials, creating a landscape of light and dark. The technique of plating allows the object to be both bold and subtle, with rich gold fading delicately into silver.

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All Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors welcome commissions. Don’t hesitate to contact this maker and start a conversation about commissioning a piece, unique to you. Examples of commissioning include transforming or combining old jewellery into new pieces, incorporating stones into new settings, or simply working together to create a bespoke piece in the style of this maker.

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