Angela Cork



Press-formed, spun, soldered and hand-fabricated from 20 separate parts, TIG welded together so as to secure them for soldering; hand-finished

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Commissioned for the Contemporary Buffet in the Livery Hall at Goldsmiths’ Hall to commemorate Richard Agutter’s year in office as Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company, 2013–14. Agutter has a love of sailing, hence his choice of theme.

Cork has abstracted the imagery of sails on reflective water, based on her observations and photographs of the Prime Warden’s boat under sail. She built up sketchbooks which reveal the thinking process behind the design. One drawing of a sail is annotated ‘The sections in the sails are interesting’, an observation which has fed into the shape and angling of the sections on the border of the finished dish.