Why I Collect- Linda

We went to visit jewellery collector and Goldsmiths’ Fair Ambassador, Linda at her colourful home in London where she showed us her unique collection of contemporary jewellery. When did you begin collecting jewellery/ silver? My husband collects silver and he probably started with a Graham Stewart jug about 25 years ago, when I also bought one of Graham’s brooches. I collected silver jewellery initially and then gradually moved to gold. Many years ago I bought two gold rings from Cynthia Jenkins (who sadly died soon after) – these are still two of my favourite pieces. What are some of your favourite pieces? These are often the pieces I have bought most recently, so, for example, a Tom Rucker ring, a Graham Stewart necklace and a lapis lazuli ring from Brazil.  How would you describe your taste? I like unusual, showy pieces, which are large, colourful and over the top!  Who are some of your favourite makers? Graham Stewart, Tom Rucker, Daphne Krinos, Louise O’Neill, Andrew Lamb, Alison Bradley, Charmian Harris, John Donald, Jacqueline Mina, Jacqueline Ryan and Giovanni Corvaja. (More recently Emmeline Hastings and Stephanie Holt.) My husband and I both like Graham Stewart’s large silver pieces and Fred Rich’s enamelled vases. We also admire Nan Nan Liu and Kyosun Jung.  What piece is your most treasured piece? My Elizabeth Gage gold and diamond Capricorn ring, which my husband bought me when I got my first substantive job as a Headteacher (in 1994) – I wear it every day and never tire of it.  What inspires you to purchase something? Jewellery that shows imagination and is different from the norm.  Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at Goldsmiths’ Fair? All the jewellers mentioned above but also anyone new who provides an innovative and different approach to jewellery making.

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