Visitors’ View: Jinny McLeod-Hatch

As Goldsmiths’ Fair enters its 32nd year, it is not surprising to learn that many loyal visitors come back every September to treat themselves to an array of jewels and silverware. We spoke with Jinny McLeod-Hatch to learn more about her love for the Fair and to see her purchases from over the years. I. You’re a seasoned Goldsmiths’ Fair visitor – how many years have you been attending? At least 10 years! I’ve always had a love of jewellery which I got from my late mother. Thankfully, Goldsmiths’ Fair has allowed me to continue developing that love.Jinny-Story---Image-StripJinny’s Fair purchases – Left to right: Ulla Hornfeldt, Lucy Martin, Graeme McColm  II. What do you enjoy about the Fair? I find the Fair very interesting and stimulating.  It is fun to see what young, up and coming jewellers are making. There are also some fabulous silversmiths – Miriam Hanid, Rauni Higson, Ndidi Ekubia.  III. What do you look for at the Fair – what styles and pieces are you drawn to? I love the slightly quirky twist to traditional jewellery that one sees.  The mixed media pieces are not something I would normally go for, but that is not to say I don’t enjoy looking at it. My absolute pride and joy purchase was huge moonstone by Lucy Martin (pictured above).  My daughter and I fell in love with it, but I couldn’t afford it at the time!  Lucy very sweetly let us try it on and we both coveted it.  With great strength of mind we said “no”. The following year, Lucy brought it to Goldsmiths’ again.  Again we tried it on and again, we said “no”. The third year, the same thing happened. Lucy then rang me out of the blue to say she was taking the moonstone up to Glasgow and  had a feeling it might sell.  There was no pressure, but she knew how much I loved the ring. To my total amazement, my very wonderful husband said he would buy it for me for my 60th birthday!  The rest is history and it has given me so much pleasure over the years.  Strength of mind pays off! Jinny-Story---Ulla-Hornfeldt-Catalogue A piece by Ulla Hornfeldt, one of Jinny’s favourite designers, from the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2013 catalogue IV. Do you have any favourite exhibitors? I love the enamellers, but all the exhibitors are usually so enthusiastic and delighted to talk about their work. Over the years I have made quite a few purchases from people I consider friends.  I have one or two “friends” from whom I have yet to buy, but I hope their time will come. Graeme McColm, Ulla Hornfeldt and Lilly Hastedt are among my favourites. Lucy Martin is a very interesting girl, with fabulous and interesting designs. Jinny-Story---Image-Strip-2 Jinny’s Fair purchases – Left to right: Graeme McColm, Sarah Hutchinson, Lilly Hastedt V. Have you commissioned any pieces? I commissioned Graeme McColm to make pieces using stones that my son had bought for me in Afghanistan.  Graeme also made some aquamarine earrings for my daughter. He is one of my all time favourites – classy, elegant pieces,with beautiful lines and colours. If I win the Lottery I would make Graeme a very rich man! VI. How does Goldsmiths’ Fair compare to other selling exhibitions? There is something about Goldsmiths’ which sets it apart from other selling exhibitions – the emphasis is on quality and design, rather more than just “selling”. Jinny-Story---Lilly-Hasdedt-Catalogue Rings by Lilly Hastedt from the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2013 catalogue, a favourite designer of Jinny’s 

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