We’re delighted to host a series of exhibitions at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2018:

Wendy Ramshaw: Modern Jewellery

This year Goldsmiths’ Fair will partner with the Scottish Gallery to mount a special exhibition featuring the pioneering jewellery of Wendy Ramshaw, CBE, RDI. Acclaimed globally as one of the key figures in the British Contemporary Jewellery movement from 1960 onwards, Ramshaw’s work is instantly recognisable for its signature geometry and skilfully executed design.

The Nature of Silver

At this year’s Fair we are delighted to present an exhibition curated by the Goldsmiths’ Company Curator, Dr. Dora Thornton, on the Nature of Silver.
The exhibition of silver treasures from the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection puts the spotlight on innovative historic and contemporary silver inspired by nature.

Court Cups and Medals

An exhibition showing highlights from the Company’s collection of Court Cups and Art Medals.

Excellence Drawn

An exhibition celebrating the creative skill of our jewellers and silversmiths in the drawing and creative process.

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