Rajesh Gogna Selects

Rajesh Gogna, silversmith, academic and Chairman of Contemporary British Silversmiths, makes his selections of silver from this year’s Fair

It has been a both a delight and a challenge to select a few individual pieces from this year’s magnificent range of silversmithing presented at the digital Fair this year. All of the pieces throughout the Exhibition demonstrate an individual style and represents a celebration of the silversmith’s craft and design imagination. There is a clear insight into the way each silversmith indulges into their own signature processes to design and make their beautifully curated concepts resulting in both a decorative and functional collection.

My selection represents the wide variety of contexts that silver stretches across today and in some cases pushes the boundaries of convention. In some pieces you will see an inventive marriage of materials that complement one another, offering contrast and colour in equal measure.

Ane Christensen, Bowl with Shadow

At first glance your visual senses may be stimulated and imposed upon by the energetic detail and impact of a piece, and in others the simplicity of form and process can be a little understated. Both aesthetics are equally challenging and are achieved with great endurance and many hours of patiently applying honed specialist craft techniques and processes.

The scale of silversmithing objects selected span from being intimately nestled within your hand to being bold and commanding, grabbing your attention as a grand centrepiece or wall art.

Kyosun Jung, Silver Wall Piece

I must say that there have been some great advantages of viewing the exhibition pieces virtually this year. I have been able to revisit the work numerous times, and take a closer look, building a deeper understanding and relationship with the makers and their creative approach to silversmithing. The videos have been captivating and informative with some glimpses of the workshops too. It has been different though an equally inspiring exhibition.

View Rajesh’s selection below: