Vicki Ambery-Smith: St Stephens Walbrook Commission

January 8, 2018

Vicki Ambery Smith has been recreating architecture on a small scale for over twenty years. Each piece tells a story and has a detailed design and making process.

Last year at Goldsmiths’ Fair Vicki was commissioned to make a gift for the new Mayor of London, Charles Bowman. Charles Bowman has a particular interest in architecture and his favourite building is St Stephens Walbrook, the Wren church that stands next to Mansion House.

‘I met Peter and Daphne Cave from the Ward of Lime to discuss what this object should be and when I had a card macquette to show them we met again for their approval.
I finished the piece – a small box – which was presented the day Mr Bowman became mayor. He was delighted.’

The dome is gold plated, with the floor plan of the interior etched on the inside base.

See Vicki’s exhibitor profile here. 




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