Vicky Ambery- Smith: Book Box

March 15, 2018

Silversmith Vicki Ambery -Smith has been making unique pieces for over 20 years. Her latest creation is a unique silver book cover, a commission from a customer she met at Goldsmiths’ Fair.

Vicki explained the customer had a collection of rare books, one of which was written in Amsterdam in 1650 by Menasseh Ben Israel. The text is part of petition written to Oliver Cromwell seeking readmission for the Jews to return to England.

Vicki began a voyage of discovery via the British Library, the Bodlean Library and the V&A to study  their books with silver bindings.

Vicki went to speak to a Jewish historian at Bevis Marks Synagogue (the first, and oldest synagogue in Britain) and a smaller replica of the Amsterdam synagogue that Menassa Ben Israel attended, also where the customer’s family descend.

The piece ended up becoming a container for the book.

See Vicki’s exhibitor profile here.


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