Ujin Lin: Precious Mysteries Trailer

June 15, 2017

Celebrated filmmaker Ujin Lin has created a video installation for Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017. This film features jewellery and silver he selected from this year’s Fair exhibitors. The full film will be shown at Goldsmiths’ Fair in September.

Ujin has previously made video campaigns for brands such as Prada, Philip Lim and Zara.

Ujin was inspired by the interiors of Goldsmiths’ Hall to create his video, and to celebrate the beauty and craftsmanship of work by Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors. Included in the teaser trailer is work by (L-R) Max Danger, Vicki Ambery-Smith, Ulla Hornfeldt, Maria Frantzi, Tom Rucker, Stacey Bentley, Tina Engell and Ingo Henn.

In the film the central character, played by Ira Sumbayeva, discovers Goldsmiths’ Hall at night, who plays with the jewellery and silver she finds around the Hall.

The film’s executive producer is Rob Godbold, and the models are Ira Sumbayeva and Marcus Goodwille. Ujin Lin will also be curating a showcase of his favourite pieces at the Fair. Visit Goldsmiths’ Fair 26 September – 1 October and 3 October – 8 October, tickets available here.




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