Radiance Centrepiece by Miriam Hanid

March 29, 2018

Winner of the Goldsmiths’ Company Award at this year’s GCDC awards was silversmith Miriam Hanid for her Radiance Centrepiece.

The piece is an impressive 50x50x5cm and created using her signature techniques of hand chasing and repoussé chasing. The centrepiece embellished by intricate spiral patterns took over 200 hours to make.

Radiance Centrepiece won gold in 3 categories – the Chasers Senior, the Senior Award and The Goldsmiths Company Award, as well as a bronze in Silversmithing Design.

Miriam said: “I’m most proud of the Goldsmiths’ Company Award, given at the discretion of the Council for exceptional and outstanding design in 2D and 3D. It’s only awarded when an entry achieves the highest standard of design and originality. I’m doubly proud and grateful that the vote achieved ‘a clear majority’! The citation states that ‘the winner of this prestigious Award has beautifully demonstrated how a designer can absorb, harness and brilliantly utilise a deep rooted and traditional craft technique to fabulous visual statements of design, and like a good piece of jewellery, this looks as good on both the front and back. It flows, shows liquid qualities and is on a scale that mesmerises and captures great attention and admiration. It is a fine example of a designer making the technique of chasing come alive and offer outstanding aesthetics.’”

Miriam also received a Gold Award for Chasing and The Senior Award – given to those who show outstanding performance in the competition.

It is a Prime Warden’s Special Commission and was placed by The Goldsmiths Company in 2016/17 to commemorate Mr William Parente’s year as Prime Warden in 2014/15. It’s now on show at Goldsmiths’ Hall in the Modern Plate Display.


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