Q&A with New Exhibitor Andrew English

July 24, 2017

How does it feel to be exhibiting at Goldsmiths’ Fair this year? 

‘It’s very exciting! I remember first visiting the Fair in 2005 just after finishing university and being blown away by what I saw. Now to have a chance to exhibit alongside the best goldsmiths and silversmiths in the UK is just wonderful.’ 

How is your preparation going? 

‘Very well. It’s a continual challenge to fit in the development of the new pieces around my day to day work but so far I’m having so much fun developing new forms, shapes and textures. I can’t wait to show them off at Goldsmiths’ Fair! All the long hours will be worth it once the fair begins, I’ll try not to look too tired!’


Tell us about the Möbius collection that you’ll be exhibiting.

‘Nature was an important influence when I was first sketching out the initial designs for the Möbius collection. Bee swarms, flocks of starlings and the eroded rock formations of Arizona fed into the very first designs. I wanted each Möbius piece to have its own individual character. To do this it was important to consider each piece very carefully, the flow, volume and surface tension. Depending on the balance of these elements I can create delicate, soft, aggressive or fun forms, each with a unique feel. This gives almost endless possibilities for the collection.’

How long have you been based at Craft Central?

‘I’ve been based at Craft Central for 11 years, since I started my business in 2007. It’s such a fantastic place to work, you have such a wide and varied array of disciplines. There are always new people to meet and possibilities for collaboration. I’ve been very privileged to have been a part of the community for 11 years.’

What’s your making process and what inspires you? 

‘Sculpture has always been a key influence in my work. Artists such as Tony Cragg, Henry Moore and Anish Kapoor and the abstract forms they create inspire me.  I like making tactile work and always try to design items and objects where the wearer can gain a sense of the character from the shape of the piece.

Möbius is a very different process to almost everything else I make. I never quite know what each piece will look like until I start working on it. I wax carve the Möbius forms by hand using an organic approach. I cast the pieces using Fairtrade silver. I then refine the shape by hand and use a heavy sandblasted finish.’   


See Andrew exhibiting at this year’s Goldsmiths’ Fair in Week 1 Stand 3. See Andrew’s exhibitor profile here

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