Q&A with Graduate Stephanie Holt

June 5, 2017

We are delighted to welcome Stephanie Holt as one of our graduates at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017. Stephanie has taken part in the ‘Getting Started’ program and will be exhibiting this year at New Designers as part of ‘One Year On.’ Most excitingly we look forward to having Stephanie and her award winning designs at this year’s Fair.

What made you want to pursue jewellery?

I love making 3D objects. I love designing and creating a wearable and purposeful piece that is also decorative and beautiful.

How did ‘Getting Started’ help you?

Getting started was so useful. I still refer to my notes! The people that came to speak to us were incredibly generous with their information and advice and I learnt a lot from them.

Meeting others in the same position as me was also extremely helpful because we could share experiences (and stresses!) and you realize that you are not alone!

What is it about the making process you enjoy?

I absolutely love to design new things. Examining and researching ideas, translating my thoughts into forms, model making, developing and testing new pieces and ultimately bringing something into being. I love trying to create something different that may be surprising in its form.

What’s your preferred way to work?

I internalise a lot and examine many ideas and themes that inspire me or attract my attention –  collecting articles, images, photos, bits and pieces etc. These aren’t  just visual ideas, but anything that may have caught my attention. I then like to start sketching and tend to produce lots and lots of ideas. I then start making models. I get to a point of saturation and I know it’s time to change medium. I make a model that I can wear for a while and road test it. Then when I’m happy I make the piece. It’s a long process but I love it.

What is your favourite piece or collection that you’ve made?

I’m really proud of my One Collection and my U.F.O (Unique Finger Ornaments) collection.

The One Collection started with my interlinking wedding and engagement rings ‘One’ and continues the fine, geometric aesthetic. The U.F.Os are a collection of pieces of wearable sculpture for the hand:each one different in character. They were inspired by my love of natural minerals, the form, structure and colour and a concern over our throwaway culture. My U.F.O Conchoidal in Pink won the NAJ Special Award at the Goldsmith’s Craft and Design Council awards this year.

How would you describe your style and what inspires you?

I would say I have a colourful, contemporary style using geometric, linear forms and structures.

I am inspired by the natural and the un-natural or man-made wonders of our world and I like the contrasts they produce when put together.

What does being part of New Designers ‘One Year On’ mean to you?

I’m very excited to have been selected for One Year On and to be exhibiting among so many talented designers. I think the show is an amazing showcase of contemporary work and I’m really lucky to be part of it.

How have you found preparing for the Goldsmiths’ Fair?

So far so good! The Goldsmiths’ Fair team offer lots of support and guidance which is invaluable. I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to be exhibiting at the Fair. There is a lot to do in order to get ready but I will have a lot in place by the time I have done the show at New Designers. So the timing is perfect.

How will exhibiting at New Designers prepare you for the Fair?

Again the support we are offered is just great. The One Year On team is helping us to make the event as successful as possible.  The experience gained will ideal for the Goldsmith’s Fair.

Stephanie will be showing in Week 1 Stand 9 at Goldsmiths’ Fair.


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