Iron Age Gold: The Leekfrith Torcs

October 18, 2017


As part of our 2017 Goldsmiths’ Fair talks programme, we were delighted to welcome Dr Julia Farley, Curator of British and European Iron Age Collections at The British Museum, to talk on the subject of Gold in Britain 2,500 years ago with particular reference to the recent discovery of the ‘Leekfrith’ Torcs in Staffordshire.



The four torcs, made up of three neck torcs and one bracelet, and are thought to be from the continent, possibly Germany or France.

They were found by detectorists Mark Hambleton and Joe Kania in December and handed over to Portable Antiquities Scheme, part of Birmingham Museums, which manages the voluntary recording of finds.

The torcs were declared Treasure earlier this year and the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery needs to raise £325,000 by 5th December 2017 to acquire these unique pieces of North Staffordshire’s heritage.

You can contribute to Staffordshire Council’s appeal to help bring the Leekfrith Iron Age torcs back to North Staffordshire where they belong and can be freely seen and enjoyed by all visitors to the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery here.





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