Hortus Conclusus by Donna Brennan at CAA Gallery

June 20, 2018

Jeweller, Donna Brennan will be exhibiting her work and photography at the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in her new exhibition, Hortus Conclusus.

This body of work is a major development in London-based jeweller and photographer Donna Brennan’s practice. For over 20 years, she has been creating small-scale, wearable sculptural forms composed of precious and semiprecious stones that explore refraction and the interplay of light.

The work explores the materiality of a 2D image by adding an embellished 3D wearable dimension, which is extracted and crafted – or ‘borrowed’ from the photographic image upon which it is mounted.

Derived from the Latin term for ‘enclosed garden’, Hortus Conclusus is a series of wearable sculptural art pieces, crafted from a mélange of minerals, stones, gold, bronze and silver and presented against an photographic backdrop of floral images printed on aluminium.

There will be a Meet the Maker Talk at the CAA on Saturday 30 June, 3-5pm.

Find Donna at Goldsmiths’ Fair, Week two, stand 50.

See her Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitor profile here.

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