Goldsmiths’ Fair Graduate Bursary Scheme

January 16, 2018

The Goldsmiths’ Company is keen to encourage and support the next generation of jewellers and silversmiths. To fulfil this we offer ten free stands on the Graduate Bursary Scheme at Goldsmiths’ Fair each year.

Winners of the bursary get a free stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair, a £1,500 grant to help prepare for the Fair, and an optional interest free silver bullion loan of up to £3,000.

The graduates also receive mentoring from the Goldsmiths’ Centre, helping them to develop business plans and prepare for large exhibitions. The graduates are also given advice on their social media and web presence, as well as pricing strategies.

Winners of the bursary receive:

  • a free stand at Goldsmiths’ Fair
    • a £1,500 grant to help prepare towards the Fair
    • an optional interest-free silver bullion loan of up to £3,000
    • mentoring opportunities at the Goldsmiths’ Centre

To be eligible you must:

  • meet all the standard eligibility requirements
    • have graduated (from an HND/BA/MA or Goldsmiths’ Apprenticeship) in the last five years
    • and have not exhibited at Goldsmiths’ Fair before

There is no age requirement.

Apply here.


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