Goldsmiths’ Fair 2018: Highlights

October 25, 2018

We welcomed nearly 9,000 visitors through our doors for Goldsmiths’ Fair 2018 – a celebration of the finest jewellers and silversmiths working in the UK.

Below are some of our highlights. We look forward to welcoming you next year! 24 – 29 September and 1 – 6 October 2019.

Object of the Day

Once again we asked industry experts to choose their personal highlights of the Fair:

Week One

Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company, Michael Prideaux, chose an oversized spoon by Brett Payne. Elizabeth Jane Campbell’s ‘conflicted’ enamel and silver brooch was chosen by Jewellery Expert and Antiques Roadshow Expert Joanna Hardy. Gilbert Collection Resident at the V&A, and Glasgow School of Art lecturer Silvia Weidenbach selected Tom Rucker’s Necklace GEO.ULYSSES with 7ct diamond. Liz Olver, Design Director at Annoushka Jewellery  selected Lukas Grewenig’s Lovers Eye Brooch. Harriet Scott, Goldsmiths’ Fair Manager selected Adele Brereton’s Seamed Vessel.⠀ Blogger A Thousand Facets chose Romilly Saumarez Smith’s Ocean Treasure Ring.

Week Two

Janice Hosegood of Cockpit Arts chose a brooch from Andrew Lamb’s Vortex Series. Gallerist Louisa Guinness chose Jessica Jue’s Tulip Beaker. Karin Paynter of Contemporary British Silversmiths selected Mark Nuell’s Amethyst Necklace. Sir David Reddaway, CEO and the Clerk of The Goldsmiths’ Company who chose Ane Christensen’s Wall Sculpture. David Mills, Director of Goldsmiths’ Fair chose Mirri Damer’s Rutilated Quartz Necklace. Silversmith and Past Prime Warden Hector Miller chose Jessica Jue’s Amesiella Dish.

Best New Design Award Winners

In Week One, this year’s winner was chosen by Victoria Broackes, senior curator for the department of theatre and performance at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Vicky chose Hazel Thorn as the winner, for her latest collection of work. Kayo Saito’s work was selected for a special commendation.

The winner of Best New Design Award for Week Two of Goldsmiths’ Fair is Andrew Lamb, whose Vortex Brooch was chosen by jewellery expert and Antiques Roadshow regular, Joanna Hardy. A Special Commendation went to Jacqueline Cullen, for her new body of work, ‘Galactica’ created in semi-translucent grey Agate with accents of white Cachalong, a form of opal.

2018 Exhibitors

Look back at all of our exhibitors here, including our 10 graduates.

Talks Programme

We’ve started to release our 2018 talks as podcasts. Elizabeth Gage’s Breakfast Talk is now available. Keep an eye on our Podcasts page as we add new content, or subscribe to our channel on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts!).

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