Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017, a successful 35th edition

October 10, 2017

The 35th edition of Goldsmiths’ Fair, the UK’s premier selling exhibition of precious metal jewellery and contemporary silver, closed its doors on Sunday afternoon. More than 8,000 individuals, including gallerists, international collectors, and jewellery enthusiasts of all stripes, visited the event and sales were strong.

Staged at the iconic Goldsmiths’ Hall, the Fair unveiled the latest collections from 126 leading designer-makers and the next generation of precious metal stars. 92 jewellers and 34 silversmiths, all UK-based, presented their work across the event’s two weeks (63 exhibitors per week).

A celebration of the best of British craftsmanship and design in gold and silver, the annual Fair offers the public an exciting opportunity to discover and buy distinctive precious metal works direct from the makers, view special exhibitions, attend compelling design talks, and enjoy the glamorous Gosset Champagne bar.

Scottish jeweller Jonathan Boyd won the Best New Design Award (Week One) for Weeds, a conceptually-driven series of brooches. More than 50 gold-plated silver brooches tell the story of the life-cycle of a small flower –  from a little seedling to a full flower blowing in the wind then slowly dying. Andrew Lamb was runner-up in Week One.  London-based jeweller Sonia Cheadle won the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2017 Best New Design Award (Week Two) for her exquisite Four Seasons Brooches comprising Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Rebecca de Quin was runner-up in Week Two. All saw very healthy sales.

As ever, Goldsmiths’ Fair presented the most exquisite and unique jewellery for every taste and occasion – elegant organic forms, bold geometric designs, and work inspired by everything from modern architecture, classical sculpture and the galaxy. The Fair also reflected the UK’s global lead in contemporary silversmithing, fostering domestic talent and attracting international young makers.

In what proved to be an exceptional year for our Graduate Bursary Scheme exhibitors, Evgeniia Balashova Stephanie Holt, Jessica Jue, and Dominic Simon generated undeniable buzz among collectors.

This year renowned fashion filmmaker Ujin Lin created the film installation Precious Mysteries, which premiered at the Fair. The piece was inspired by jewellery and silver Lin personally selected from this year’s Fair exhibitors and it provided the perfect contemporary complement to the stately grandeur of Goldsmiths’ Hall. Much of the precious metal treasures in the film also appeared in a special exhibition on the ground floor. This exhibition featured jewellery by the talented Zoe Arnold, Hidemi Asano, Evgeniia Balashova, Karolina Baines, Barbara Bertagnolli, Chris Boland, Elizabeth Campbell, Michael Carberry, Jacqueline Cullen, Patrick Davison, Mikala Djørup, Tomasz Donocik, Tina Engell, Emmeline Hastings, Ulla Hörnfeldt, Josef Koppmann, Mark Nuell, Tom Rucker, and Joanne Thompson, as well as objets d’art by silversmiths Ane Christensen, Adi Toch, and Yusuke Yamamoto.

The New Abstraction, one of the event’s two other special exhibitions, featured an exciting selection of sculptural silver. Emphasising form over function, this showcase, curated Christina Jansen, Managing Director of The Scottish Gallery, included artistic silver statements in which form is defined by boundary or edge as opposed to practicality. Featured silversmiths were the brilliant Juliette Bigley, Michael Carberry, Ane Christensen, Angela Cork, Rebecca de Quin, Tamar de Vries Winter, Kathryn Hinton, Kyosun Jung, Anna Lorenz, Junko Mori, Theresa Nguyen, Alex Ramsay, Mary Ann Simmons, Lucian Taylor, Adi Toch, Naomi Scott, Hiroshi Suzuki, and Yusuke Yamamoto.

Last but not least, jewellery expert Joanna Hardy curated the Timeless Innovation exhibition featuring exceptional jewels from the world-renowned Goldsmiths’ Company Modern Jewellery Collection. The display included more than 20 of Hardy’s personal highlights from the Collection – ‘timeless’ examples of exacting craftsmanship and innovative design. Accompanying these exquisite jewels were a few complementary pieces from masters and accomplished apprentices each reflecting timeless innovation. Featured jewellers from the Company’s Collection were Charlotte De Syllas, Leo de Vroomen, Nanna Ditzel for Georg Jensen, John Donald, Andrew Grima, Jo Hayes-Ward, Dorothy Hogg, Roger King, Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen, Andrew Lamb, Catherine Martin, F.E. McWilliam, Jacqueline Mina, Kertsen Öhlin, Sigurd Persson, David Poston, Wendy Ramshaw, Fred Rich, Jacqueline Ryan, Kayo Saito, Olivia Schlevogt, Tom Scott, David Thomas, and David Watkins. Other showcased jewellers were Giovanni Corvaja, Elizabeth Gage, Andrew Griffin for Grima, Shaun Leane, Fei Liu, Chloe Lightfoot for E.Wolfe & Co, and David Marshall.

Goldsmiths’ Fair would like to congratulate all its amazing exhibitors. It looks forward to welcoming the public at Goldsmiths’ Hall in 2018 for more outstanding and innovative precious metal treasures.

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