Edge to Edge: Where Does a Vessel Begin?

April 27, 2016


Studio Fusion Gallery, a contemporary jewellery space at the OXO Tower, is run and co-owned by seven jewellers and silversmiths. Supporting emerging and established makers, it began as an exclusively enamel focused gallery celebrating a contemporary approach to enamelling. It now displays a broad range of jewellery – from gold and silver to 3D printed nylon and plastics.

The Edge to Edge: Where does a vessel begin? exhibition, which runs until 28 May, came about as an idea for a collaborative project between enameller Tamar de Vries Winter and silversmith Adi Toch. Both designers were born in Jerusalem a generation apart, but did not meet until they were living and working in the UK.

The event’s goal was to invite artists to explore the form of the vessel through different disciplines and react to the exhibition’s title. Curating the show, Adi and Tamar invited eight artists from backgrounds in jewellery, silversmithing, textiles, ceramics and enamelling, including Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors Jessica Turrell, Mara Irsara and of course Adi and Tamar themselves. Materials include metal, glass, wood, ceramic and felt.

Whilst producing work of their own for the show, Adi and Tamar also developed a few collaborative pieces exploring the function of the vessel and developing new techniques combining their individual areas of expertise. As part of their exploration, they developed an interesting technique – fusing two halves of a vessel with enamel. They tried a few times until discovering a functional way for this to work without the piece breaking over time. The works created together show a beautiful connection and an interest in one another’s disciplines.

Fellow designer Mara Irsara also displayed a new side to her work. Renowned for her beautiful jewellery with colourful hollow forms, this time she took her skills and applied them to ‘the vessel’. She has made a fun collection of tactile flocked vases that can be disassembled and played with.

Furthermore, Jessica Turrell has created jewellery that explores the ambiguity and quality of enamel’s surface texture whilst exploring the vessel through the idea of hollow forms.

Edge to Edge is definitely worth a visit  but if you miss it, you can catch designers Adi Toch, Tamar de Vries Winter, Mara Irsara and Jessica Turrell at Goldsmiths’ Fair in September.

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