2013 Graduates: Merlin Planterose

March 5, 2014

Every year ten graduates are selected for the Goldsmiths’ Fair Graduate Scheme to receive a free stand, a grant of £1500 and a loan of up to £3000 worth of bullion.  We’ll be following the progress of last year’s selection to see how participating in the Graduate Scheme benefitted their careers.

Merlin Planterose:

‘Exhibiting at the Fair as a recent graduate was a fantastic experience and has given me the confidence to keep pushing my creativity and designs.  Since the Fair I have exhibited at “Selected” at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh alongside some of the best makers in Scotland and the trade show CRAFT in London.  Thanks to my experience at Goldsmiths’ Fair I was able to make the most of these opportunities and form valuable contacts with galleries and stockists.’


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