Max Danger – Goldsmiths’ fair Graduate

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Honey Bee cluster ring. Image by: Katrina Lawson Johnston
We’re very excited to introduce Max Danger – one of the incredible young jewellers exhibiting at the Fair as part of the Graduate Scheme. Max trained as a fine jeweller at Jacob Enghave Gold – a traditional goldsmith in Copenhagen – and went on to study at the Royal College of Art graduating with an MA in Jewellery & Metalwork in 2014. Max found that his time at the Royal College gave him a more experimental approach to design and making. Using his illustrations as a starting point, he aims for each piece to translate narratives into jewellery. ’After growing up with comic books, most of my work ends up being quite humorous, whether intentional or not. I creative fictive scenarios from my mind and leave it up to the wearer of the piece to work out the story. This can be everything from the Easter bunny chasing runaway eggs, to a robot bashing a stone with a hammer.’ His latest narratives stem from the exploration of bees and urban beekeeping. Having extensively studied the cluster formation of hives, and the risks bees are exposed to, he has fed this into his work giving it an incredible dose of imagination and humour. As a skilled craftsman, Max values the importance of the handmade and the quality of materials. He carves the minuscule elements in wax with modified sewing needles; and the use of gold and gemstones enriches his work through symbolism and the material itself. Max’s keen eye for detail gives his work an incredible depth of sophistication and richness and is a must see for Week 1 at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2016 > Click here to see Max’s profile

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