Manasi Depala – 2018 Graduate

Manasi (@manasidepala) was one of the Fair graduates in 2018. Manasi has previously participated in the Goldsmiths’ Company Studio Internship Award 2017-18 where she trained with Angela Cork, Ray Walton and Rod Kelly. Since then she has won a gold award in the junior chasers category at GC&DC in 2019.

How long had you been a graduate before exhibiting?

Three years, however I was still training under the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship and The Goldsmiths Company Studio Internship Graduate Award during the three years.

How did you find the scheme helpful for your practice?

Exhibiting under the Graduate Scheme lifted a lot of pressure off with the stand being completely free. The bursary and bullion loan were also really helpful in covering materials costs. It really gave me the freedom to design and make more ambitious pieces for the fair which I would not have achieved with my own finances.

Which aspect of the Graduate Scheme support did you feel was most valuable to you and your business?

All of the aspects of the Graduate Scheme played an important part in the final show. The free stand, bullion loan and £1500 grant lifted the financial pressures of making work in precious metals as did the organising of transport/accommodation for the week, but it was the training sessions at the Goldsmiths Centre that were invaluable and will always be with me for future exhibitions. Having access to the wonderful Goldsmiths Fair team meant that all of my worries/questions were answered and I felt more comfortable arriving at the Fair on setup day knowing that I can call on the team for any advice/support.

Do you feel that your client base has grown as a result of the Fair? If so how?

Yes, I feel that the kind of pieces which I make suit the clientele which come to Goldsmiths Fair and as a result I have made more contacts and commissions.

Do you feel the exposure at the Fair has helped your business to grow? If so how?

I think that because Goldsmiths Fair comes with such a history and reputation having shown at the fair has built on my business, and I was more successful in gaining the trust of new and potential customers.

What are your plans going forward with your business?

I plan to make bigger pieces of silver and challenge myself with each new piece that I make. I still have some more learning to do but I would like to make more technically challenging pieces.

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