Loucinda Nims – New Designers ‘One Year On’

header image 2 We’re very excited to welcome silversmith Loucinda Nims to exhibit at this year’s Goldsmiths’ Fair as part of our graduate scheme. Loucinda has been involved with the Company for a while, having partaken in the Getting Started programme at Goldsmiths’ Centre last year. Later this month, Loucinda will be taking part in ‘One Year On’ at New Designers, displaying her incredible body of work and showing how far she has come since exhibiting as a graduate last year. We asked Lucinda about her work, New Designers and her preparations for Goldsmiths Fair: What does being selected for New Designers ‘One Year On’ mean to you? Being selected for ‘One Year On’ feels like a massive achievement. I remember exhibiting there as a graduate and feeling completely overwhelmed and enthused by the whole experience. Since then, my work has progressed a huge amount. I am really looking forward to going back and showing people how much I have achieved in such a short space of time. How has attending the business taster course Getting Started at the Goldsmiths’ Centre helped you to prepare for this event? Attending Getting Started taught me a huge amount about business and I regularly refer back to the notes from the programme. Getting Started provided me with crucial business knowledge such as marketing and pricing, which I knew very little about before. How would you describe your design style? I always find it hard to describe my work/design style so I often take notes at exhibitions about how other people describe my work. The three words I often hear are: simple, sophisticated and elegant. I like to create pieces that are simple in form to allow the beauty of the silver to speak for itself. Function and how the object feels in the hand are also important to me; I want my work to be used and handled, and to become central to social occasions and everyday life. I often use highlights of gold within my work as well as corian and walnut. What was it like getting your first piece hallmarked by the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office? Getting my first piece hallmarked was extremely exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I love the idea of having your own mark on something so people can identify it as a piece of your work for years to come. It was a proud moment. How will exhibiting at New Designers help you prepare for Goldsmiths’ Fair? New Designers will allow the public to have a sneak preview of the collection of work that I will have on display at Goldsmiths Fair. I really value the public’s feedback so I will be making notes on how people respond to my work and what I can do to improve/develop. I don’t have much experience exhibiting at large shows by myself so it will be good practice. You can see Loucinda and her silverware at New Designers Part 1 from 29 June – 2 July and again at Goldsmiths’ Fair in week 2 from 4 – 9 October.

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