Katie Watson – Brooches in Shine 2020

By Charlotte Dew, Public Programme Manager, The Goldsmiths’ Centre

Silversmith Katie Watson specialises in chasing and repoussé. She deftly uses these techniques to encapsulate a sense of the British countryside, in the fixed form of metal. To manipulate a hard material to evoke the wind, clouds, swaying grasses and rippling water sounds improbable, but is achieved with great subtlety, and realised in her in bowls, vessels and caddy spoons. Over the last year Katie has honed these skills at Bishopsland Educational Trust, immersed in the Oxfordshire countryside, following the completion of her degree at Glasgow School of Art.

Katie Watson, ‘Squirrel’ brooch, 2020, Sterling Silver. Image: Julia Skupny

The brooch form does not offer the spatial scope of the tableware that is typical of Katie’s work, but the two brooches she has made for the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Shine 2020 exhibition are no less evocative of the natural world. Katie has made two playful animals, ‘Squirrel’ brooch (2020) and ‘Puffin’ brooch (2020).

Katie Watson, ‘Puffin’ brooch, 2020, Sterling Silver. Image: Julia Skupny

Her clever use of line defines their forms, and on the ‘Squirrel’ brooch provides the fur-like texture, which is also evoked through the zig-zag edge cut into the tail. Brooches are wearable artworks – in Katie’s case they allow you to wear our native fauna and they won’t fail to make you smile.

For more information about Katie and her work, in the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s Shine 2020, click here.