John Moore for L’Oréal

john moore blog 3 Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitor John Moore’s fashion-forward jewellery formed the backdrop for hair dresser Simon Webster’s six models at the L’Oréal Pro-Fiber / Autumn-Winter Trend Launch. Following his smart haircut at the Brighton-based salon, and with no expectations in mind, John showed  Simon his online portfolio. To his delight, Simon contacted him a few days later, offering the Leamington Spa-born jeweller the opportunity to supply jewellery for the L’Oréal show. Simon once again visited Simon Webster Hair, bringing with him several works, including the two large necklaces featured in the Verto video and on the L’Oréal catwalk. Each of the L’Oréal Pro-Fiber models had a very different look – from tribal to classic – and were paired with a matching piece of jewellery. John commented on his experience:

“It was a wonderful day and a treat for me to see the hairdressers practising their craft, sometimes with three stylists to one model.  They worked tirelessly for over 7 hours and the models were amazingly patient.  So much preparation for such a short appearance on the runway.  Mean while I was becoming increasingly nervous as the moment drew nearer when Simon would welcome me on to the stage with the models.  My heart was about to jump out of my chest as I waited behind the curtain.  Fortunately the lights were so blinding that I couldn’t see anyone as I thanked L’Oréal and Simon for the opportunity, and it was over in a flash. Thank you so much to Simon for giving me the opportunity and to all the team for making the day such a pleasure.”

Visit John’s website for all the images from the show.

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