Ute Decker

‘Rolling Waves in Moonlight’ brooch


18 carat Fairtrade gold.

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Decker’s brooch, formed from a single strip of loosely-curled gold, polished at the edges and with a matted surface, is from her limited edition Calligraphy Series. It appears to be freeform and spontaneous, but Decker actually works by making trial pieces in brass. Each piece in this series is individually annealed and hammered, then sculpted, twisted and bent by hand into its unique form. Bearing the Fairtrade mark, introduced in the United Kingdom in 2011, this is the first piece of Fairtrade gold in the Collection. Decker is known for her role in the ethical jewellery movement and for work in Fairtrade gold, traceable to a mining co-operative in Macdesa, Peru. She explains: “Jewellery is my artistic medium to tell a story and working ethically and sustainably in a global world is one of the most urgent stories today.” This bold, minimalist brooch has a wide appeal as something which can be worn by anyone in both formal and informal contexts.

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