Michael Lloyd



Britannia silver, hand-raised, chased, engraved and parcel-gilt

Martin Dru Drury’s Prime Warden’s commission also refers to his former Chairmanship of the National Trust.

The exquisitely-chased panels of stylised wheat ears, poppies, fish and leaf fronds are accompanied by a quotation from Olivia Hill, a founder of the Trust in 1895. She was a social reformer and environmentalist and her words resonate more than ever today: ‘The need of quiet, the need of air, the need of exercise, the sight of the sky and of things growing, seem human needs common to all men.’

Michael Lloyd’s design drawings show the form and construction of the bowl as well as the patterns to be chased all over its surface. He says: “Work for me is a celebration of our creativity and of our environment; it is a homage to nature.”