Louise O’Neill

‘Flow’ brooch


18 carat yellow gold, 1 baguette diamond.

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‘Flow’ brooch evokes the movement of flotsam and jetsam on a river. O’Neill explains: “I feel there is something liberating about a brooch form… it gives me free rein to explore and develop ideas… I photograph, draw, arrange and rearrange paper shapes to explore visual rhythms. I want there to be the suggestion of movement within the piece. Inspiration is drawn from the natural and built environment.” The delicate, textured gold rectangles are soldered at their angles and are set against a scooped-out gold backplate. A single projecting baguette diamond adds a discreet sparkle, a quality seen in other recent acquisitions for the Collection. The elongated rectangular form and sophisticated texture make it look particularly good on a suit lapel, but, like the Decker brooch, it can be worn in a variety of ways and settings.

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Symbolism and meaning of diamonds.