Junko Mori



Silver, stamped with 25 different handmade punches, each engraved or carved with the seed or seedpod of a medicinal English plant

The seeds or seedpods include those of dandelion, calendula and red poppy, arranged in different combinations on each beaker. The tools were inspired by the collection of hundreds of chasing tools given to the Goldsmiths’ Centre, which Mori worked with during her time there, making the beakers particularly relevant and telling for the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection.

Mori has long been interested in botanical illustration and in natural history collections, and the video she has made recording the making of these beakers shows how the dense patterns are built up from the base to the rim to create a densely-decorated surface reminiscent of plants making up a British hedgerow.

Drawings and film courtesy of Junko Mori and Adrian Sassoon.