Jo Hayes Ward

‘Random Master’ brooch


Aluminium, 18 carat gold, steel pin. Shallow domed brooch constructed from a random arrangement of cubes in clusters and islands with an internal geodesic support structure.

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‘Random Master’ brooch was commissioned by the Company for the Collection on the basis of an existing aluminium brooch, but the brief demanded that precious metals be combined with the aluminium. The design represents the intellectual rigour of the maker, who describes herself as “a very mathematical person.” It is made from a rapid prototype wax model, which is then cast. Some cubes have been capped in 18 carat gold so as to look solid, while cutting down the weight of the brooch when worn. The square-section rods used to make the piece catch the light on all their surfaces. The brooch combines a cubic structure, true to its digital production, but somehow has an organic feel. The shimmering effect of light reflecting off the aluminium and gold surfaces as the wearer moves is mesmerising and adds life to the rigid geometric structure. Every detail is carefully thought-through: even the double pin is made of stainless steel to comply with hallmarking rules for mixed metals and to provide strength.