Jane Short



Silver spun in sections by Clive Burr, designed, hand-engraved and enamelled by Jane Short, inscription engraved by Sam James

A Prime Warden’s commission by Michael Galsworthy for use during speeches in the Hall. Galsworthy wanted the design to remind him of the colourful seascape at his Cornish home, using sand from the beach inside the timer.

Jane Short’s annotated designs in drawing and watercolour indicate the palette as well as the composition. She uses two different enamel techniques: champlevé and basse-taille, in which the silver is carved with detail which shows through the transparent enamel layers laid over it. The inspiration moves from glinting seas engraved at the top, through the pebbles and seaweed on the beach, to the mackerel shoaling in the deepest blue enamel at the base.

“I am interested in subtle harmonies of colour, reflecting observations from nature.”