Emmeline Hastings



Oxidised sterling and argentium silver, 18ct rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, platinum, acrylic, stainless steel pin

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Commissioned through the Company’s Contemporary Craft Committee after admiring the work Hastings had displayed at the Goldsmiths’ Fair in 2018.

The name, ‘Amaru’, is drawn from Inca mythology and refers to an underwater serpent, perfectly evoked by the shining scales embedded into the acrylic base of the brooch.

The scales are made from platinum, oxidised argentium silver and two shades of gold so as to graduate the colour over the surface of the brooch. They almost seem to stir as light moves over them, illustrating, in Hasting’s words, how “Natural pattern, texture and a sense of ‘aliveness’ has always been intrinsic to my jewellery”. The commission brief played to this quality in demanding an undulating surface for the brooch, as explored in the designs.