Dorothy Hogg (b. 1945)



Silver, 18 carat French green gold

Dorothy Hogg (MBE) has been making square rings since the 1960s. She has been continuously developing the uncompromising form ever since, making it absolutely her own. Her work often features elements moving in different directions and this is exemplified with great beauty and simplicity in the cube rings; the four ‘legs’ as she calls them are set at a diagonal, rising at one end and dipping at the other, so that each is simultaneously pulling away from the next. Hogg made these two examples especially for the Company Collection in 2021. She was commissioned to make a single silver ring but generously produced two, one with a single leg of striking 18 carat French green gold, as they look particularly effective when worn or displayed stacked together. It is the first time she has created a cube ring of silver and gold, making this acquisition an exciting development of her square form ring and a significant coup for the Company. The way a piece of her jewellery will relate to the human form is paramount in Hogg’s thinking, and the cube rings, designed specifically for the left or right hand, find a natural position on the finger and are unexpectedly comfortable to wear.

The ring was commissioned directly from the maker through the advocacy of Corinne Julius.

The two ‘Cube’ rings were part of a group of recent acquisitions by Dorothy Hogg from the Scottish Gallery and direct from the maker herself. Read about these significant pieces here.

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