Daphne Krinos

Two brooches


Square section wire and sheet, both with rub over settings, 18 carat gold, with mirror-cut aquamarine, oxidised sterling silver with flat tourmaline slice in fine silver.

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Krinos grew up in Greece before moving to London; the legacy of the colours of ancient Greek black pottery and translucent green-blue glass, which her grandparents collected, is deep in her work. “I always say that the gold and the blue-green is from where I come from and the black combined with other colours is from where I live.” The open structure of the brooches, with their strong graphic quality, arose from observing building work in London in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. “The starting point, as with a lot of my work, was the stones, which I bought in Germany. I liked their shape and colour… I tried to be spontaneous with the materials and worked directly with the metal… With the gold brooch, I concentrated on the way the stone is set… by using a setting that is not traditional, and which exposes two sides of it in order to show it off… And I enjoy thinking about the garment the brooches will look good on.”