Clive Burr & Jane Short

COURT CUP for Victoria Broackes


925 sterling silver, silver-gilt, vitreous enamel, tanzanite, peridot, diamond, emerald, amethyst and alexandrite 

The cup makes many references to Broackes’ life, family and work. The undulating hills on the bowl, finely engraved and enamelled by Jane Short, are based on Broackes’ photographs of the hills above Cannes; as she says: “France has been a big part of my life”.

Clive Burr’s subtle design drawing for the enamelling shows how the layers will work on the finished piece to realise exactly what Broackes wanted, “a wash of colours rather than having a dense solid feel to them”. The gems set into the knop on the stem are the birthstones of her family. Jane Short and Clive Burr suggested the lozenges on the stem to illustrate themes in her life, from Bowie and the Beatles to the family dog and their cottage in Sussex.

The projections on the foot recall the sculpted door surround of the main entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum, where, as Curator of Theatre and Performance, Broackes has put on highly-praised exhibitions on pop culture in the 1960s and 1970s. All these inspirations and motifs have been skilfully fused into an elegant cup which is light in the hand and inviting to the eye.