Bruno Martinazzi (1923–2018)



18 carat granulated gold

Martinazzi’s two rings combine 18 carat gold with silver granulation. They are miniatures by an accomplished sculptor used to working on a large scale, which gives them a monumental quality despite their size; what Graham Hughes called “a unique combination of roughness and strength”. Both rings were displayed in the International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery in 1961 as demonstrations of the Italian interest in exploring different surface textures in gold and silver after the Second World War. Martinazzi was an artist in gold in the true Renaissance manner who trained first in his native Turin as a musician, then as a chemist, before turning to goldsmiths’ work after the Second World War. Later he worked as a psychologist, art therapist and teacher and studied world religions; themes taken up in the social commentary in both his jewellery and sculpture. The Company’s rings, part of its foundation Collection in 1961, are however among his earliest works as a pioneer who invented his own individual style. The Company devoted an exhibition to his work in 1965, the first of a series to promote new jewellery as a modern artform of endless fascination.