The designing and making of the Agutter Rosewater Dish

Wednesday 14 April from 6-7pm (BST)

Angela Cork will talk about the design and making of the Agutter Rosewater Dish, which was commissioned in 2014 to mark the year of Richard Agutter’s service at the Goldsmiths’ Company as Prime Warden and to celebrate his passion for sailing, the sea and his long support of creating opportunities for aspiring disabled sailors.

The dish, part of the Company’s Modern Buffet plate collection, was created from 20 separate elements and was carefully hand pressed and individually engineered before being unified through soldering.

In tonight’s talk hear from Angela about the commission process for this piece, how she researched and developed her design ideas and find out more about the steps involved in making such a significant work.

At the end of the evening there will be an opportunity to ask Angela more about her design process, making techniques and the challenges she faced in crafting a unique dish of this scale.

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