Peridot – Past, Present & Future: In Association with Fuli Gemstones

Breakfast Talk

Friday 30 September 2022


Tickets: £10

The Egyptians worshipped this vibrant green gemstone, it resides in the St Edwards Crown, sits proudly in some of the world’s most prestigious jewellery museums, and examples have even been found in pallasites.

To find out more about this unique gemstone, taking us on an insightful, illustrative tour of peridot will be jewellery expert Joanna Hardy, who is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, lecturer, author, and Trade Warden of The Goldsmiths’ Company.

“Peridot is steeped in history, from royal references going as far back as the Egyptians and I can’t imagine anyone more fitting who could bring peridot’s colourful past to life than Joanna Hardy,” says Pia Tonna, Fuli Gemstones chief marketing officer. “Joanna is passionate about jewellery and gemstones and her in-depth knowledge is second to none. She is a true genius in conjuring up images in our minds when describing her specialist subject. I am looking forward to hearing Joanna’s educational talk on peridot.”

Joanna Hardy has over 30 years’ experience working with jewellery, beginning her career as a goldsmith before joining De Beers as a rough diamond valuer. Joanna went on to work in Antwerp as a polished diamond dealer before joining Philips the auctioneers in London. She then moved to Sotheby’s and for fourteen years was their senior jewellery specialist and auctioneer, where she was responsible for jewellery auctions worldwide. Joanna is now a fine jewellery specialist conducting masterclasses and lectures worldwide. Joanna is a regular jewellery specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.


Embracing a core business model of “mine-to-market” and a progressive business philosophy, Fuli Gemstones is committed to becoming the leading global producer and supplier of quality peridot gemstones with a business that encompasses mining, processing, marketing, and sales.

Fuli’s Yiqisong Nanshan mining project (the “YQS Nanshan Project”) is located in the foothills of the tranquil Changbai Mountains. Our YQS Nanshan Project has probable ore reserves of 5.19 million tonnes, with sample peridot tested, all of which reach a gemstone grade, and are of a relatively saturated colour.

Within six years, Fuli Gemstones has successively established operating subsidiaries in Dunhua, Beijing, Hong Kong and London and amassed a solid team of professional, multi-cultural and vibrant management.

Championing an open mind-set and progressive thinking, this team of management is dedicated to developing Fuli into an industry leader in peridot gemstone mining. Fuli Gemstones is resolute in the offering of a consistent supply of peridot gemstones with full traceability, adhering to safety standards for its mining production, and supported by active global marketing and brand awareness initiatives.

The vision of Fuli Gemstones is to become a leading global producer and supplier of quality peridot gemstones, and to build the most innovative, creative, and environmentally responsible gemstone mining company in the world.