Live Studio Tour with Mark Nuell

Live Studio Tour: Jeweller and lapidary Mark Nuell gives us a behind the scenes tour of his studio, interviewed by Isabelle Fish of Rue Pigalle.

Mark’s inspiration for jewellery came from early contact with gemstones in Australia, where his father mined sapphires. Mark learnt to cut and polish these stones spending six years as a gem cutter and later studying jewellery design and making in Sydney.

Isabelle Fish was born and raised in France, Isabelle studied law and practiced in several countries before moving to Toronto and founding her eponymous boutique, which operated in Toronto’s cultural hubs of Queen West and Yorkville. A crafts and travel insider and the founder of Rue Pigalle, she curates and leads women-only trips for intimate groups of art, crafts and culture lovers who wish to expand their worldview, network and knowledge in a purposeful yet fun way. 

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