Cassandra Goad Selects

Cassandra Goad, jeweller and member of the Court of Assistants of the Goldsmiths’ Company selects her favourite designers at Goldsmiths’ Fair 2020.

‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.’
– Goethe

Having been closely involved in Goldsmiths’ Fair Digital – the first ever digital version of Goldsmiths’ Fair – it has been so exciting to see how the jewellers and silversmiths have embraced technology for their showcase presentation this year. Their creations of beautiful jewels and silver through lockdown and beyond are giving us one of the most exciting displays of jewellery and silver to a greater audience than ever before. As Goethe says, Be Bold.

As a huge fan of colour I have always admired the work of Fred Rich and his incredible enamels. Fred draws out his painted water colour scenes of sea horses weaving in and out of bright underwater gardens, and of pheasants, in their bright plumage, hiding amongst the springtime foxgloves. His work tells of the multi skilled draughtsman, jewellery designer and silversmith that he is.

Fred Rich, Seahorse Vase

Catherine Martin’s jewels are breathtakingly beautiful. Her great skill is in weaving fine gold wire, an intense technique she learnt in Japan, into exquisite jewels that are feather light and perfect. There is no one quite like her. Softly spoken she seduces you as she explains her work, often holding a piece in her hands as she talks. If you admire perfection, commission Catherine to create it for you.

Catherine Martin, Five fragment earrings

Brett Payne’s video of his XY candlesticks has to be watched. Never have candlesticks been so witty. Deftly, in white gloves, he moves them around creating endless combinations so that every dinner would make you feel you had a different candlestick on your table. His candlesticks particularly appeal to the scientist in me representing the XY Chromosomes… so would you have XX or XY??

Brett Payne, XY candlesticks

Tom Rucker is a charmer (if you ever have the chance to sit next to him at dinner as I once did). His jewels are exquisite and enthused with his charm of course. He is an inventor, and as all good inventors, always happy to experiment. Admire his work, follow his designs and save up to buy a piece of his modern wearable art. I am!

Tom Rucker, necklace NION

Only Annabel Eley could turn motorway spaghetti junctions into wearable art powered with diamonds and win awards. If you love speed, technology and sparkle you will love her latest collection: Fast Lane, made in Titanium and with almost 2cts of diamonds set in her cuff. Warning: while wearing and driving, don’t forget to keep your eye on the road.

Annabel Eley, Fast Lane Cuff

The art of cutting gemstones has been perfected by Ingo Henn. He is brave and adventurous with his stone cutting and carving and then sets his jewels fabulously with vivid tourmalines and deep blue aquamarines, adding enamels and diamonds with his characteristic precision.

Ingo Henn, Waterlily Pendant

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